Urban Environments

In an urban situation, there are concerns over the potential risk to the public, should there be a gas leak that may result in an explosive event, or a fresh water main break or a crude oil spill. These would cause lasting damage to the community and environment and disruption to the public should roads, private property, etc. have to be shut down for repairs or replacement. In the former case, quite often a gas leak can allow the gas to accumulate to an explosive level before the leak is identified.

With Smartpipe® the risk would be identified early, prior to an event, thus allowing the pipeline operator to deploy preventative measures and early response procedures thus limiting and containing potential damage. The issues associated with having to inconvenience the public by shutting down roads, etc. increases the likelihood of accidents and will impact the reputation of the pipeline operator and industry as a whole.

The main causes of a pipeline incident are either third party intrusion (someone digging into the pipeline) or corrosion. Smartpipe® is non-corroding and will alert the operator to the fact someone is approaching their pipeline.


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Identify Threats Early

Protect People and Environments

Decrease Risk of Accidents

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Efficient Installation

Using the portable manufacturing and installation system, Smartpipe® HPIR class installations are replaced at approximately one mile per day with a small crew and equipment footprint.

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Smartpipe® pipeline replacement projects require minimal excavations, avoiding the need for long trenches with public and environmental disruption.

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Trenchless Technology

A Smartpipe® HPIR class replacement allows corroded pipelines to be safely replaced without the need to access the complete right-of-way.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

In an environmentally sensitive location, quite often the operator is faced with several months or years of planning and permitting to be allowed access to the pipeline right of way. With Smartpipe®, we only need access to two locations – at operator selected entry and exit points of the installation.

With Smartpipe®, leaks can be identified early and accurately and the fact that Smartpipe® is non-corroding, minimizes the long term maintenance that is required on the pipeline.

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Minimize Long Term Maintenance

Faster Project Completion

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Protect Native Species

Smartpipe® can be installed as an HPIR class installation inside a corroded pipeline without the need to disrupt the habitats of native species, avoiding lengthy Environmental Impact Studies.

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Continuous Pull

The Smartpipe® design includes high strength longitudinal pulling tapes, which allow the Smartpipe® system to be installed in very long continuous lengths, or up to several miles, without the need for intermediate couplings.

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High Strength Design

With a maximum operating pressure of up to 1,000 psi, Smartpipe® design exceeds current industry standards requirements, is fully structural, and can be laid as a direct burial or inside an existing corroded pipeline.

Industrial Areas

Smartpipe® is a composite pipeline system that eliminates the need for corrosion control and excessive pigging. Because it can be used inside an existing pipeline, it is perfect for situations where congestion of existing pipelines is an issue.

With the use of the fiber optic monitoring system, Smartpipe® can detect and locate any disturbances within one meter, with notification sent to a SCADA system, pipeline control room and with data sent directly to a Smart Phone.


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Replace Corroded Pipelines

Smartpipe® is a composite pipeline system that is non-metallic and, once installed, eliminates the requirement for corrosion control and excessive pigging.

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Optimal for Congestion

Smartpipe® is especially suited to right-of-ways with multiple pipelines, that are considered highly congested. Minimal access is required to the existing pipeline so excessive excavations are not required.

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Fiber Optic Monitoring & Communication

The Smartpipe® embedded fiber optic monitoring system instantly identifies and locates a leak or movement in the pipeline to within one meter, with notification sent to a SCADA system, pipeline control room and with data sent directly to a Smart Phone.

Future Proofing The Energy Grid

While Smartpipe® was originally designed for gas and liquid hydrocarbons transmission, it has also been US DOE tested and qualified for future Hydrogen transmission, a qualification that high pressure steel pipelines simply cannot meet.

At Smartpipe® Technologies, we are focused on providing the safest and most advanced pipeline replacement technologies for our customer’s energy transmission needs, while laying the pathway for the green energy transition of the future.

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US DOE Tested & Qualified

Safe, Advanced Technology

Green Energy Transition

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Smartpipe® is a high-pressure reinforced thermoplastic pipeline replacement technology.

API 15S | ASTM Standard F2896-11

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